Backwoods & Fresh Uncut Grabba Leaf Exclusive Offers

Shop exclusive deals on fresh Backwoods and Grabba Leaf Flavours from our extensive collection. Enjoy same-day delivery on all online orders in Nairobi and across Kenya.

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Shop our exclusive dry herb vaporizers

Find the perfect high-quality dry herb vaporizer from our collection. We offer budget-friendly options as well as top-of-the-line models with OLED displays and ceramic chambers. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, we have the right vaporizer for you. Enjoy same day GUARANTEED delivery in Nairobi and across Kenya!

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Cuban Select Cigars

Choose from a thoughtfully curated selection of highly sought-after Cuban cigars on our website. Enjoy a hassle-free delivery to either your office or residence.

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Mylar Smellproof Ziplock Bags

Wide selection of premium smellproof ziplock designs for all your needs

Vapengin 6500Puffs Vapes w/Display

Take your vaping to the next level with the exceptional Vapengin Jupite 2. Keep track of battery power with the included monitor. Find your perfect vape flavor from our extensive selection.

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Huge Savings on Rolling Papers per Full Box

Save big on bulk orders of Rolling Papers with guaranteed same-day delivery in Nairobi and throughout Kenya.

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Classic Vintage Tobacco Pipes

Discover the elegance of our expertly designed wooden smoking pipes.

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Experience the Thrill of Vaping on a Budget with Our E-juice Refills

Get highly sought-after E-juice Vape flavors at a fraction of the cost. We prioritize fulfilling and satisfying vaping sessions. Enjoy same-day delivery services in Nairobi and throughout Kenya.