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How Different Scents Affect Your Overall Vaping Experience

Ashley MK

Scents are among the biggest contributors to the overall vaping experience. What’s even more fascinating is that different flavors can enhance the whole experience. The online platform has many sites that treat fanatics to different vaping scents.

Here’s everything you need to know about how different scents affect the overall vaping experience.

Vast Array of Flavors

The 21st century has seen millions of vapers across the world indulge in different flavors. Manufacturers are at the peak of their careers, especially with the convenient possibility of purchasing vape devices online.

Aroma and taste have contributed immensely to the vaping industry with their varying strengths. The characteristics are unique and aromatic enough to draw enthusiasts closer. In case the flavors are not as exciting as they should be, these could be the reasons:

  • The coil of your vaping device might have underlying issues. Sometimes the reason for a faulty coil is the e-liquid running lower than it’s supposed to. As a result, the flavor will only taste burnt.
  • Failure to clean the device. You must regularly clean your vaping to prevent odd flavors and scents.
  • Lower vaping temperature.
  • Polluted environment. For instance, vaping next in a foul-smelling room will alter the flavors for the worst.

Varying Smells and Tastes

Your senses play a significant role in the realization of these factors. The olfactory glands are responsible for picking up smells that we come across in our daily lives. These same glands are not too far from the taste buds.

In essence, the taste of your vape comes from what you smell. Vaping in an environment that has strong scents will interfere with your vaping. Olfactory glands will pick these up and assimilate them into your vape flavor.

How Different Scents Affect Your Overall Vaping Experience

Temporary Destructions of Flavors

Most vapers have experienced altered scents for various reasons. For instance, a vaper will buy cotton candy flavors online, but it ends up smelling vanilla or other scents instead. One way to fully enjoy your vaping is by ensuring your environment is not scented.

A neutral environment with open-air promotes effective vaping. Flavors give taste and aroma to vaping and should be maximized whenever possible. It’s worth noting that essential oils won’t do you any good either. They are known to have such strong scents that may only act as a sharp contrast to your preferred vaping scent and taste. Alternatively, you may also try dry herb vapes for an enhanced experience.

Chemical Reactions

Manufacturers are keen on the chemicals they use when it comes to flavors. The likes of formaldehyde have proven harmful to the vapers’ airways. It’s a carcinogen that is mostly used in e-cigarettes.

Eventually, these chemicals affect the vaping experience, depending on how much the vape contains. These are the chemicals to be wary of when buying vaping products:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Acetyl pyrazine
  • Ethyl vanillin
  • Diacetyl

These chemicals can affect your vaping experience negatively by causing respiratory irritations and infections. Heating makes it worse as it only creates chemicals that weren’t even there in the first place.

How Different Scents Affect Your Overall Vaping Experience

Check Your Vaping Devices

Each device is designed to produce just enough scent and taste to trigger the user’s senses. The ability to adjust factors such as heat affects the scent immensely. Vaping at high temperatures interferes with your desired taste and smell.

The duration of time you take to vape determines the levels of vapor you release into the atmosphere. In turn, your vaping experience is affected by how well you handle the firing button on your device.

Bear in mind that there are different e-cigarettes on the market with varying features. Some come with powerful features that match the vaper’s level of expertise in vaping.

How Different Scents Affect Your Overall Vaping Experience

Check Your Choice Of E-juice

The contents of the e-juice determine how thick the clouds released will be. To be on the safe side, choose an e-juice whose Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is low.

High VG only assures you of thicker clouds whose taste is exquisite. Your choice to buy CBD vape juice should depend on how intense you’d like your vaping experience to be. Additionally, e-juice, whose Propylene Glycol is high, offers a safe and discreet vaping experience. The clouds produced do not let out such a strong scent, and the clouds are not as thick.

How Different Scents Affect Your Overall Vaping Experience

E-liquid With Mild Flavor

During the vaporization process, e-liquids produce different levels of scents. Some will be strong, while others will hardly be smelled. An e-liquid whose as it won’t spark external reactions as you use it in public.

The smell won’t linger in the air long enough to make other people uncomfortable. Mild scents are good enough for beginners that are trying to find their footing in the vaping world.

There are plenty of flavors that you could try out, but the flavorless one is best when you’re in a crowd.

Sharp Contrast In Taste and Scent

Vaping has its awkward moments. For instance, there are times when there’s a conspicuous contrast between the taste and scent. To solve this malfunction, create a neutral environment of your own.

Shop online for flavorless and unscented vaping liquids and products for your preferred pick. Also, steer clear from herbal infusions and essential oils. These are not the best choice for a blissful vaping experience.

Perfumes and scented candles are also not proper candidates for this escapade. First-timers are advised to stick to mild or scentless environments lest they become adversely affected by the outcome.

Your Vaping Style

This is an overly sensitive factor that significantly affects how much taste and scent you can access when vaping. For example, some prefer letting out the smoke through their nose while others prefer the mouth.

As mentioned earlier, the olfactory glands play a significant role when it comes to scents and tastes. They access the smell, and you’re able to determine the taste later on.

The Bottom Line

Your overall environment is a determining factor of your vaping experience. A neutral environment ensures that you are getting the full flavors and scents.

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