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Bad Blood - Nasty Salt Nic E-Juice

Bad Blood - Nasty Salt Nic E-Juice

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This is going to be an interesting tasting salt e liquid that is going to be amazing even though you might have never tasted a combination like this before. Bad Blood is the name of this salt e liquid and what you do not want to have with this vape juice because you are going to want to take several hits of this blend after the first pull. When you first take a pull, you are going to taste the blackcurrant fruit that is going to give you this earthy flavor. You are going to get several floral aromas and a couple tart hints that are going to be potent and flavorful. This might be a fruit you do not come across by often, but you are going to enjoy the unique taste that this salt e liquid is going to give you. As you are savoring this blend, you are going to get the mint flavor that is going to offer a tiny icy sensation. However, this is not the only thing that you are going to feel when puffing with this vape juice. You can feel it getting smoother and smoother, and beginning to make its way down your throat. You are aware that there is salt based nicotine in this blend, but you are not sure how it is going to treat you. Stop thinking too hard because as soon as you get it, you are going to realize the trip is better than you expected. The savory notes explode in your throat and now you feel as if someone dropped a blackcurrant bomb in your mouth. Breathing out is going to be great too because this salt e liquid is going to introduce to you to a couple of clouds that are going to let the good times coming.

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