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Fronto Leaf Master

Fronto Leaf Master Cigar Wrapper - Russian Cream

Fronto Leaf Master Cigar Wrapper - Russian Cream

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The great thing is, that there is nothing artificial about this goodness. The Fronto Leaf Masters Cigar Leaf Cream is made of a professionally grown and selectively picked natural leaf that boasts a medium bodied, forgiving strength profile from start to finish. They've added a creamy essence to the equation as well in order render the smoke even smoother and silkier than what traditional flavors bestow upon the consumer. The creaminess feels almost like the consistency of a delectable pudding, but in the form of smoke. This means that the richness of each burning leaf will inundate the palate in velvety goodness. If you're looking for something that burns evenly and has an inherently pleasant aroma, look no further.

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