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Swisher Sweets Kings Cigars

Swisher Sweets Kings Cigars

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Imagine a world where there is a solution to every problem. Could it ever be possible? Swisher Sweets Kings Cigars bring us a glimmer of hope. If the mind creates its own problems by letting you drown in your stress, it’s time to get out of your head for a while. Have a taste of bliss with each draw and release yourself from all the worries.

The sweetness that’s distinctly Swisher Sweets creates a euphoria that remains unmatched even after decades. This is paired with an evenly cut Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler that provides an unfluctuating burn up to the last puff. At 5 inches in length and 40 gauge, the Swisher Sweets Kings Cigars emulates higher-end cigar bodies. Completing the experience is the smooth and beautiful leaf wrapper that drives you deeper into cigar-induced happiness. This purchase comes with 10 packs of 5 cigars each so you can have all the happiness you want.

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