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Cushman - Nasty Salt Nic E-Liquid

Cushman - Nasty Salt Nic E-Liquid

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You might think that there are already several mango salt e liquids on the market, but to be honest, you have not tried it like this before. Cushman is the name of the salt e liquid that is going to give you the mango flavor with a twist that is going to make it better. When you first take a pull of this vape juice, you are going to feel the creamy mango flavor making its way into your mouth. The mango is going to be amazing and it is going to taste as if it was being given to you straight from the tree it came from. As the flavors roam around your mouth, you are going to feel the tasty fruit notes beginning to make their way down your throat. As it begins its travels, you grow excited because you know that the salt based nicotine inside this vape juice is going to give you a throat hit like no other. You are soon going to experience what a mango salt e liquid is supposed to taste like. When you taste that amazing kick that you are going to get, you are going to feel the explosion of the mango flavor almost instantly. The mango is going to party in your palette as it continues to touch every spot inside of your mouth. When you think you cannot hold the salt e liquid in anymore, mostly because you need to breathe, you slowly exhale so that you can get the last few notes this blend has to offer. As the flavors pass by your lips, you are going to be greeted by a couple aromatic clouds that will allow the vape trip to continue. A smooth throat hit and a couple of clouds to keep the experience treating you well.

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