Collection: High Hemp Blunt Wraps

Looking for a smoother smoking experience? Look no further than Bittchaser's assortment of High Hemp Blunt Wraps! Made from 100% organic hemp and containing no tobacco or nicotine, these wraps offer a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco wraps. Choose from a variety of flavors and enjoy a delicious smoke every time. With same day delivery available on all orders in Nairobi and across Kenya, you can start enjoying a more natural smoke right away. Shop now at Bittchaser smoke shop.

High Hemp products are completely free of GMOs. With an all-natural process behind their creation, the High Hemp Organic Wraps are one of the best answers for enjoying a blunt without concerns over your long-term health.

High Hemp is the solution to tobacco blunts. High Hemp organic wraps can be your substitute for tobacco-based wraps. High Hemp wraps CBD content is an added bonus.