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Car Culture and Vaping: Why We Love Mods?

Ashley MK

There is a unique subset of people who devote their lives to turning things others see as mere tools or conveniences into something far more beautiful and meaningful. These people are known as modders, and while we can find the most prominent in car culture, dating back a century now, there's a thriving mod scene in the vaping world as well.

What makes these two cultures gravitate towards modding, to the extent of making it their lifestyle? Well, there's a lot that modding can offer actually, and we'll explore some of the biggest reasons people are drawn to it. 

We are All Tinkerers and Collectors Deep Down

Car Culture and Vaping: Why We Love Mods?

You could say that, as a species, we are predisposed to collecting and modding things. Back in the day, for good old Cro-Magnons, the ability to find materials and tinker with them to make tools used to be a matter of life and death. 

While things are far less dramatic nowadays, we still have that urge, and we all need a way to express it. Fixing a few things around the house will only get you so far, but optimizing a tool you always have on you and use every day – now, there's an excellent outlet for your tinkering urges.  

There's a Sense of Freedom That Comes With Self-Expression

Apart from the innate need to make our tools, humans are creatures who ravel in their individuality. Each one of us has so many cool little quirks, passions, memories, unique bits of knowledge, and we want it to show. 

Cars are often just a giant canvas for the savvy modder, a beautiful white marble for them to sculpt and paint. Sure, you have a bit less room to work with when it comes to vapes, but it's the same principle. It's all about letting that inner quirkiness shine. 

You Don't Get Optimal Performance Right Out of the Box!

Big vaping companies have substantial quality control, put out practical and durable products, and car manufacturers even more. The basic models can serve you well and get the job done, day in and day out for years – but for true aficionados driving or vaping are not just a necessity or a little habit.  

Those of us who want to get the best possible performance in a highly specific set of circumstances can't expect it from an assembly line. There's drag cars, drift cars, those made to corner like crazy and stick to the road, and those made to rumble and burn rubber. 

It's the same with vapes – some people want tons of vapor to do tricks, some want to get more mileage out of their device, and it all requires a bit of tinkering. It is why it's essential to read a detailed review of portable vapes before making a purchase decision.

A Cool New Project Gives You Focus 

Car Culture and Vaping: Why We Love Mods?

Even with all our technology and the conveniences it brings, life is complicated. You have many things to stress about, but just as bad are the periods where the stress that drove us ends and we are left without a clear mission in life. 

That's right; we need something to do other than having fun with our partner and friends or sitting on the couch. Most traditional hobbies help people focus on a new goal, but there's nothing like modding to give you a real sense of purpose. You laser-focus on a project, and you know that you get something tangible out of it. 

If you have a collector's mindset and mod out a couple of cars or vapes to flip them on the market so you can invest more money into your true passion project, you get even more out of it. Alternatively, it would be best if you read through the Best CBD Vape Kit Reviews and compare your existing vape mod before flipping.

You Feel Pride and Accomplishment When You Get It Just Right

As someone who's done a bit of kickboxing, collecting, and even gardening, I understand the sense of pride that comes from improving your skills and becoming a more competent person in the process. However, none of those things gave me anything near the sense of accomplishment I'd get every time I finished a modding project. 

I mean, all your hard work is right there in front of you, for the whole world to see and touch! It's a symbol of your ingenuity, creativity, dedication, and uniqueness, and you can't get that anywhere else. 

I hope I've shed some light on the similarities between the car and vape culture, and why so many people join the modding scene and never look back. It's a fun and creative world, a way of expressing yourself and giving your life a bit more purpose, and we can all agree that that's a great thing indeed. 

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