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5 Tips To Get More Vapor From Your Vaporizer

Ashley MK

The vapor community was more than happy to welcome vaping. Vaping brought a brand new experience for people who enjoy tobacco. Lighting a joint is not the only way to enjoy tobacco anymore.

Now, there is a healthier alternative, one that aims to surpass bongs in popularity. There is one catch, though. Vaporizers and the very vaping process can appear too complicated.

Getting high-quality vapor from your dry herb should always be your priority. Not only will you use the herb’s maximal potential, but you will also get to enjoy all the benefits tobacco can offer. Before giving you five tips on how to get more vapor, let’s quickly see how vaporizers work.

The “Intricate” Design of Vaporizers

To learn how to get more vapor from your herb vaporizer, you need to understand how vaporizers work. These cool devices are built to evaporate alkaloids and terpenes from tobacco without combusting it.

Vaporizers preheat the herb before signaling you to begin vaping. There are two types of vaporizers - convective and conductive.

From the outside, these two types can look identical, but they are entirely different in how they heat the herb. Convective ones heat the air around the herb, while conductive vaporizers heat the surface on which the herb lays.

Both can heat tobacco to the most optimal temperature and help you vaporize all the essential compounds found in tobacco.

Let’s look at five tips to get more vapor from your dry herb vaporizer-

Make Sure Your Vaporizer is Clean

Dry herb vaporizers have to be clean to deliver high-quality vapor. When you use a vaporizer, the herb will leave a small amount of residue in it.

However, due to constant use, the residue can pile up and clog the system. Your herb may not get enough heat, or the airflow will be affected. In any case, it will lead to less efficient vapor.

It is best to clean your vaporizer before each use. At least do it once a day. Make sure to use the tools that arrive with your vaporizer to clean any residue left inside. Most often, there is a pin included in the toolkit that facilitates the entire process.

You don’t even have to throw away the residue. Keep in a separate box, and when you have enough of it, feel free to vape it.

Prepare Your Tobacco Before Vaping

You can’t just take the herb and put in the vaporizer expecting a thick and tasty smoke to come out of it. Do you do it with a joint or a bong? No, right? Before you put the herb in a vaporizer, you need to grind it.If you decide to go vaping, you will need to invest in a sturdy little grinder. You don’t have to grind your herbs into dust. Just make sure they are evenly ground into small chunks. Some herbs may be too sticky to grind. Don’t worry, leave them to dry some more, and you will make them grinder-friendly.

Correct Temperature Demands Full Batteries

It is important to note that your vaporizer uses batteries to heat the herb and produce vapor. The consistent vaporizer use will drain its batteries, which will significantly affect the vaping experience. You should always ensure that your vaporizer is fully charged or above 60% for the best results.

The batteries not only affect the temperature but also how quickly the vaporizer heats up. Ensuring your batteries are charged will not only improve the quality of the vapor but overall vaping experience.

Optimum Temperature Is Vital For Quality Vapour

Temperature is the number one factor when it comes to getting more vapor from your dry herb vaporizer. There are two figures to remember. Tobacco start to vaporize at approximately 300°F (150°C), while cannabis starts to combust at about 410°F (210°C).

There is an ongoing debate on whether to vape at 300°F (150°C) or 410°F (210°C). We recommend you stick to a temperature in between, something like 340°F (170°C).

Forget About Deep and Fast Draws

Finally, to take your vaping experience to the next level, forget about everything you’ve learned while smoking a joint or bong, including deep, fast, and puffy draws. Dry herb vaporizers require a new technique.

To get the most vapor, take steady and shallow breaths. There is no need to withhold your breath as it takes only a second for tobacco to be absorbed by the lungs.

These tips will help you improve your vaping experience and get more vapor from your dry herb vaporizer. Combine these tips with the manual that came with your vaporizer to get thick and quality vapor from your herbs.

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