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5 Tips for Storing Your Vape Mod

Ashley MK

Caring for your vape mod makes it durable and allows you to get the most out of it. If its performance is reducing, then you want to look at your maintenance and storage practices. While most vapers know how to maintain their vaping devices, they tend to overlook the importance of properly storing them.

Just like regular maintenance, proper storage enhances the functionality and safety of the vape mod. It also prolongs its life and saves you from the risks and damages resulting from improper storage.

Why You Should Properly Store Your Vape Mod

All vaping devices such as the juice, coils, and the vape mod are quite expensive. On the other hand, the e-juice and the coil require a regular purchase. However, you don't have to purchase new products from time to time if your vape mod is good enough.

You can avoid these unnecessary expenses if you maintain and store your vape mod properly. Proper storage also makes it durable and stays in good shape at all times. Furthermore, you won't experience any issues while vaping; instead, you'll enjoy the fresh taste of the

A good option is to invest in a top-quality vape mode, such as the squonk mod. These devices are a perfect choice and give you incredible experiences if you store it appropriately.

If you're wondering how to store your mod better, here are five tips that you can use right away.

5 Tips for Storing Your Vape Mod

1. Always Keep Your Vape Mode Clean

A clean vape mod lasts longer, and an excellent way to care for your vape mode is to clean it frequently. Regardless of the vape quality, it’s still essential to keep it clean and neat.

The procedure for cleaning the vape mod is quite simple. Once in a while, you can as well disassemble the device and rinse it with warm water to remove dirt and dust that may have accumulated.

A clean vape mod gives you an incredibly sweet hit taste. It also prevents the germs from spreading, especially if you share your vaporizer with friends. So after every use, wipe it off properly before you keep it.

2. Empty the Vape Tank

After taking a few hits, you’d probably want to put away your vape mod. The first step is to empty e-liquid in the vape tank.

A single drop of the juice can cause severe damages to your vaping device. On the other hand, storing the device with the liquid can cause spillage that leaves sticky sediment in your closet.

Storing the device with the juice also causes it to separate. E-juice involves a mixture of additives and some flavor molecules, each with varying densities. Leaving the liquid in the vape tank makes the large molecules sink in the bottom while light molecules float.

So the next time you turn your device on to take a hit, you are likely to experience an unusual flavor and an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

However, you can avoid all these if you first empty the vape tank after use, and then rinse before putting it away.

3. Keep It Upright

Clearomizer is an essential part of the vape mod. It has some air holes that allow sufficient air flow into the coil to keep the device at its room temperature. These air holes also ensure that the wick is always saturated with the juice.

Keeping the device upside down forces the juice to move towards the air holes and eventually leak out. It can also block the air holes, damaging the essential parts of the vape mod.

Therefore, a proper way to store your vaping device should be in an upright position. Apart from preventing liquid leakage, this position also prevents dust and dirt from getting into the device hence stays clean and in a good state.

4. Store the Vaporizer in the Case

The storage case protects the vaporizers and maintains it in good condition. It also protects it from severe damages if you accidentally drop or step on it.

Furthermore, a case prevents dirt and dust particles from falling into the device and clogging on the mouthpiece. Particles can hinder the smooth flow of the vapor, which can interfere with your usual vaping experience.


Therefore, buying a good vape case is an essential way of storing the vape device appropriately. It’s also suitable for carrying the vape mod whenever you’re stepping out or traveling.

 5 Tips for Storing Your Vape Mod

5. Avoid Draining The Battery

Although draining the battery before storage seems like a safe option, it’s important not to drain them. A battery charge maintains the protection circuit alive and to slowly discharge without running out.

Alternatively, if you are not sure if the vape mode can turn on, you can remove the batteries rather than draining, and store them safely.


If you want to have a better vaping experience, the first essential step is to take care of the vape mode. Proper storage and good maintenance of the device also gives you incredible fresh hits during your vaping sessions.

Furthermore, proper vape mod storage prevents damages and accidents. This can help you save money that you could have otherwise invested in purchasing a new device.

In case you’re a beginner and not sure how to store your vape mode, these five essential tips will undoubtedly help and guide you.

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