HIGH HEMP Organic Blunt Wraps 100mm - Baked Kookie

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What’s better than getting baked? Doing so with these Baked Kookie High Hemp wraps that genuinely taste like everyone's favorite dessert bar snack. Just like biting into a real fresh baked cookie, these wonderfully flavored High Hemp organic wraps are bursting with ooey-gooey, chocolatey, vanilla, warm sugary flavor. But be sure to bake a real batch for when you’re finished toking - these bad boys will have you craving cookie after cookie when the effects of your herb kicks in. At 100mm long, these organic hemp High Hemp wraps are the perfect size for rolling up personal blunts for solo or pair tokes. But thankfully, they come two to a pack so you can roll up for the whole circle if need be. After all, a batch of cookies is meant to feed the whole family.

  • Paper Length: 100mm
  • Filter Length: 20.4mm
  • Flavor: Baked Kookie
  • Paper Type: 100% Organic Hemp , Tobacco Free , GMO Free , Vegan
  • Count: 2 Wraps & 2 Filters/Pouch

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