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Remember when you used to get in trouble in class for blowing enormous bubbles form the fat wads of gum you were constantly grinding on? Well, now that you’re older you don’t have the teachers ordering you to “spit it out” but you do have the disapproval from your dentists who can see the damage your favorite oral fixation is doing on your teeth. You also still have to share your pack with whoever asks because it’s obvious when you have some. Now you can make those problems go up in smoke, or should we say up in vapor, as you enjoy the delicious, original flavor of Bubble Trouble e liquid. Fill your Tank with Bubble Trouble and the only trouble you’ll find yourself in is explaining to everyone where you acquired that sweet-scented e juice. The moment you take your first inhale, you’ll be reunited with your favorite flavor and immensely enjoy the relief of not having to grind away in order to obtain it. The airy notes of sweet bubble gum will fill your mouth in a thick cloud, almost too delicious to describe. The gum flavor alone should be enough to satisfy you, but as you continue to enjoy you notice even more. Hints of ripe strawberry and creamy banana make this flavor a combined recipe a complete excellence, not able to be surpassed by any other bubble gum e juice. The banana smooths the way for the mist to travel in your lungs where your lungs are filled with the three wonderful flavors, melded together in perfect unison. Exhale and taste the last trick Bubble Trouble e liquid has up its sleeve. The sweet notes of candy flavor to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds until your next pull.

Primary Flavors: Gum, Apple, Banana, Candy

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