Double Platinum Blunt Wrap Brown (Chocolate)

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Double Platinum Blunt Wrap Brown

You will love the taste of Double Platinum Blunt Wrap Brown, previously named Chocolate.

If you like thick smoke, Double Platinum Blunt Wraps are for you. Add some succulent flavour to your blunt roll with these double pack blunts. The aroma and taste you get from this fresh blunt is second to none!

  • Tastes like Chocolate
  • 2 Blunts per pack
  • Airtight foil packaging

Double Platinum Blunt Wraps are made from high quality tobacco leaves with each one being induced with delicious double drip natural flavourings to bring out the best taste for your smoke. Each pack contains two Double Platinum Blunt Wraps which are sealed in a foiled packaging to keep the freshness inside. Customers have over twenty flavours to choose from, a flavour to suite all hours of the day. As a result Double Platinum Blunts, guaranteed to get your taste buds rolling!

Brown blunts have undergone a recent name change and repackaging, they were previously known as Chocolate.

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